Dreaming of my Dancing Daughter

This weekend hubby and I went to a dance performance by the group MOMIX, of its work Botanica. We saw it at George Mason University’s Center for the Arts in Fairfax.

The show was amazing. A-MAZ-ING.

I’m a huge fan of dance shows like that of Cirque Du Soleil and MOMIX. I marvel at the technical skill of the dancers, the costume designers and the set builders. At this kind of performance I am equally amazed throughout the show at the dancing and the spectacle of it all. I also spend a lot of the time intrigued at how putting on a show like this is a job – someone’s career.

We’ve all heard of parents who dream of what they want their children to be. In the movies we may see parents who want their children to have a reliable career, like a doctor or lawyer. Now that I’m a parent, I am dreaming of what I’d like my daughter to be.

I’d like my daughter to be a dancer.

Sure, as a little girl I had visions of myself being a ballerina. I remember seeing the Nutcracker and being sad afterwards that I wasn’t a spinning ballerina dancer. But it’s really not that.

I’d like Bean to use her whole body throughout her life. Too often I’ve felt a slave to my desk and computer in the field of government policy and education programs. I worry that once she’s in school, she’ll also be chained to a desk too much of the day instead of exploring how she moves in the universe.

As I watched the dancers in Botanica, I was happy that they got to experience and explore their world not only with their minds but their bodies. And in the last piece of the show, called “Encorce”, I could see that they loved what they were doing – genuine smiles as they waved fluorescent orange pipe-like things, jumping up and down and using every fiber of their being to be alive.

Of course Bean will be whatever she wants … but she will at least try dance classes.

2 thoughts on “Dreaming of my Dancing Daughter

  1. Melanie, this looks fantastic! I have never heard of them before and will have to check them out. Your blog looks great and I love catching up on all you have going on in your lives through the posts. You have a true talent for blogging!!! This is an amazing resource. It is so well written and the photos are gorgeous. Great job!


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