What Really Is the Best Medicine?

One antibiotic. Two prescriptions lotions. Five over-the-counter remedies. Fourteen creams. Blood test for allergies. Fifteen doctors visits.

Such is the summary of treatment for Bean’s sordid medical history in her almost six months of life. As I’ve shared before, her skin problems have been a constant source of stress, as well as visits to CVS and Vienna Rexall Drugs. This past week we added to the roster a case of mystery diarrhea, concluded with three incidences of vomiting.

I am wondering whether these medicines and visits are helping or hurting her situation. Is it necessary for us to seek official medical advice from the (wonderful) Dr. Lee from the all-too-convenient Capital Area Pediatrics a mile from our house? Or would we be OK to ride some things out a bit more?

As we approach the point of giving Bean her first solid foods, I am trying more and more to learn about what can go into her body to make her healthy. I’m reading Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron, which is one of those Bible-type books for new parents. But what Yaron says make sense: take care in creating healthy, wholesome foods for your baby and better health will result. I’d like to think that making at least some of Bean’s food will benefit her.

Yet, I pause and consider that I spent the first five months of Bean’s life breastfeeding her only to have her face her recent maladies. Hadn’t I eaten a balanced enough diet while nursing? And what about the close attention I paid to my diet while pregnant? How much difference did it all make?

I realize that I want to start looking into more holistic approaches to not only keep Bean healthy, but fight sickness when it occurs. I spent the months of pregnancy avoiding medicines at all costs, only to now generously smear Bean with hydrocortisone and give her droppers of antibiotics. I’m not advocating against medicine by any means: it has its place and I’m grateful for it. Maybe I just need to learn about some other options that could be as effective.

Hubby and I are already realizing that sometimes the best medicine isn’t in a bottle. We made the mistake of taking Bean to Tysons mall on Labor Day. We arrived with her asleep and she woke up the second we entered the loud, crowded mall. We each got angry with the other about parking, the crowds, that Bean was awake. Later that night, as we were talking it through while I was feeding Bean, we were each still aggravated. As I was in mid-sentence, as if on cue, Bean let out a huge, long fart. There was nothing to do but laugh. It felt good. Great, actually. At that moment, laughter really was the best medicine.

Bean laughing at Maryland State Fair

6 thoughts on “What Really Is the Best Medicine?

  1. I really do feel that we can make a holiday song based on your first paragraph!!!

    Don’t forget that Bean also did a GLM (Grandmother Load) crap to really make us laugh hard that night. A very funny moment that I will enjoy for years to come.


  2. Have you considered cloth diapering for her rash? It made a huge difference for Nicholas.

    And I hear you about the food. I actually started Nick on cereal at four months because he was starving all the time, and now he eats a variety of stuff. I make most of it, and I love making baby food! I highly recommend getting a babycook if you are going to do that:)

    I worry about everything too, and I understand not wanting to give your munchkin antibiotics. But you’re doing a good job, and don’t second guess yourself on your diet while breastfeeding. Breastmilk is awesome no matter what you eat:)


    • Thanks, Amanda. At first when thinking about starting Bean on solids I was getting a bit anxious. Now I’m eager – I think it will be fun to not only give her solids but make some of them. Like you, I am also a “semi-organic” mom!


  3. My son had horrific diaper rash, too. I tried soaking him in a tub full of tea. Yes, I actually bought a container, filled it with lukewarm water and added a bunch of tea bags. It really helped and soothed him. I also found that after the tea bath, Bag Balm really helped, too! I hear some moms swear by Jurlique soothing barrier cream. Good luck.


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