Five Places for Civilized Adult Time

We’ve had a fantastic week here in our household.

Bean’s skin is gorgeous – no more red patches, just lovely soft baby skin. So this is what a baby is supposed to feel like! She’s been sleeping 10 – 11 hours a night (Bazinga!) and so we parents have been getting around eight hours. Hubby and I have shared both the responsibility of putting her to sleep and the joy of making her laugh.

We are learning to leverage each other and additional people for help. We called our postpartum doula, Jessica Sypolt, who was instrumental in helping me navigate Bean’s first few weeks of life. We hadn’t had her help in a few months, but wanted some reinforcement as we tried to get better at putting Bean to sleep. How fun to see a friendly face and share the marvel of how Bean has grown.

On the road with Bean

So we’re in a happy place. As such, we’re doing happy people things. Things that we haven’t had time to do since before Bean arrived. Like tonight, I actually cooked dinner: a bit ambitious, but I made muscles and garlic French fries. We’ve also been getting out of the house a bit more. Here are five places I’ve been for some adult downtime this week:

1. Molly’s Yogurt. Finally, a locally-owned, fat-free, fro-yo place in town. The little shop offers two types of nonfat frozen yogurt, and you even get free toppings! There are also about a dozen gelato flavors. I chatted with one of the friendly owners, who said that the place is a draw not only for adults but kids, too. The owners also run The Italian Gourmet at the other end of the shopping center. I had never been in there either until last week. I was missing out! They have a selection of Italian pastries that are great for dinner parties, as well as fresh pastas and meat. I’ll be going back to both.

2. Panache. I helped organized a Vienna Moms night out at this swanky bar and restaurant in Tysons. Our group of a dozen moms lounged in the, eh, lounge by the opened wall-length doors. We had great happy hour specials – $5 martinis, $4 beers and $5 tapas. A taste of sophisticate after a day of wearing spit up on my shirt.

VA chocolate at the winery

3. Paradise Springs Winery. In the final days of summer, I found my way to this vineyard about 30 minutes away. We actually brought the Bean and met three other couples with babes for some combo adult/family time. The manager let us take over a portion of the rustic, indoor bar area, and we spread out cheese, olives and cookies on a repurposed wine barrel. I enjoyed the white Virginia Viognier. Quite civilized, if you ignore the massive diaper change we had for Bean in the interim.

4. Chaan Thai Yoga Massage. Truly a treat, hubby got me a gift certificate to help melt away aches and stress. We discovered Thai massage on our honeymoon in – you guessed it – Thailand. If you like deep tissue massage and yoga, you may love Thai massage. The petite Thai lady steps on, pulls, kneads and stretches my body as I lay on the floor in pajamas. It’s invigorating, and they do a great job at Chaan.

5. Sunflower Vegetarian Restaurant. By no means an adults-only venue, but I stole away here today for a solo lunch. A hot meal in my own time: bliss. As a recovering vegetarian, I always get the General Tso’s Surprise. And with 18 lunch specials under $8 (including a salad) Sunflower is a winner for my belly and my wallet.


6 thoughts on “Five Places for Civilized Adult Time

  1. You are definately CIVILIZED!!! I think next week we should roll around in the mud and be UN-CIVILIZED to equal things out. Maybe we should also have beer and chicken wings to off-set the wine and cheese. Sounds like fun to me:)


  2. Thanks for the great review of Molly’s Yogurt and Italian Gourmet! We also love Sunflower Restaurant. My husband always gets General Tso’s Surprise, my 4 year old loves the edamame and cold basil rolls, and I have tried almost all the entrees but my favorites are Amazing Mushrooms Palate and As You Wish Garden.


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