Seriously Silly

My new approach to parenthood is to be silly with the baby at all times. Seriously!

Being silly seems like an obvious tool in the parenting arsenal, but for me, the idea sunk in as I was reading the book, Baby Days: Activities, Ideas, and Games for Enjoying Daily Life with a Child Under Three. I was proud that Drew and I already do a bunch of stuff suggested in the book: take Bean for “tours” around the house, sing to her, give her household items to suck on. But now I’ve taken silly to a new level: waving my hands in the air during diaper changes, surprising her in the mirror, jumping up and down to make her laugh, throwing a burp cloth over her face and whisking it away. I have also started giving her piano lessons: she can play Chopsticks quite well. A prodigy, it seems.

The silliness seems to be working: she’s laughing a ton and sleeping better! And I am having FUN. Isn’t that why I got myself into this whole mess in the first place?

We’ve also been trying to do more fun things outside of the house. It helped that this past weekend my mom (AKA “Grammy T”) came to visit from New York. We took Bean to the Udvar-Hazey Air and Space Museum by Dulles Airport. I spent the time walking her around in a Bjorn to get her to sleep, but at least there was interesting stuff for me to see. I was also filled with wonder that people imagined these machines that can fly. Extraordinary.

We also needed to add some fun to our mealtimes. While we continue to like the sushi at Yirasai on Maple Ave., we didn’t want to order it for the fourth time in two weeks. For a change, we headed to Jason’s Deli in Falls Church, which is super family friendly and has a great salad bar. I also took mom to Baja Fresh in the Pan Am shopping center: I admit that I get excited at their salsa bar.

And Drew and I had a special treat while Grammy T was in town: almost a whole day to ourselves! We spent it attending Antiques Roadshow at the DC Convention Center. We brought four family heirlooms for appraisal and a shot at public TV fame. However, we won’t be retiring early on their value. We saw all sorts of interesting things, like a Fischer Price computer toy from the 70s, a wooden plane propeller and a really old American flag.

Can I keep up the daily devotion to silliness and fun? I’m on day three and it’s looking real good. Only 6,570 days until Bean goes to college.

3 thoughts on “Seriously Silly

  1. Bean has been on a laughing craze for the past three days. It is a lot of fun to be a part of it. I am also looking forward to the 6,570 more days of funny silliness. I still like having Sushi twice a week!


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