Don’t Postpone Joy

“Don’t Postpone Joy.” I saw this on a bumper sticker yesterday, and it’s been stuck in my head since. I’ve actually been looking for a good bumper sticker for my car. Something to differentiate myself in suburbia. Where does one find bumper stickers these days? In the 80s and 90s seemed there were lots at the mall. These days I suppose I have to look online, but it doesn’t seem as much fun.

But I digress. Please don’t blame me, dear reader, for I have been through two of the roughest weeks of motherhood.

There have been changes afoot in our house, both in schedule and due to illness. We started Bean in childcare a few days a week, and while she did well there, she seemed to miss us. On her second day there, I developed a debilitating case of mastitis, landing me in the hospital. As I healed, I didn’t see or hold Bean much: I also had to stop breastfeeding abruptly, leaving me trying to tend to both my body and spirit.

The last week has been soul-wrenching and physically draining. My husband and I have tried to support each other as much as we can, while keeping our own selves going.

But I want to be positive not only in this forum but in our approach to caring for Bean. Talking with my friend Pamela at lunch today at Bangkok Street, she encouraged me to think again about that bumper sticker, and even in this dark time, find the joy. So here is what I find joyful now:

  • Bean discovering her feet and happily sucking on them
  • Playing piano for Bean while wearing her in a Bjorn
  • Watching Bean make pools of drool as she “loves” a toy while sitting in a Bumbo
  • Seeing Bean roll over for the first time
  • Seeing pediatric allergist Dr. Blair, who gave us a plan and real hope for battling Bean’s skin problems

When you’re down, you can only go up, right? I will try to keep my eyes on the prize. Maybe you can help by telling me what makes YOU joyful!

9 thoughts on “Don’t Postpone Joy

  1. It has been a very long two weeks but I think we did our best to handle the situation. I noticed that you were focusing on positive or “joy” these last few days and I think Bean and I enjoy that. Keep up the good work.


  2. I’m sorry about the ordeal you have had and I think that focusing on the joy in your life is certainly the way to go. After all, these babies bring so much of it! So, what makes me joyful?
    -Playing in the baby pool with Little K was the highlight of my week.
    – The giant smile she makes when I hold her up in the air and kiss her cheeks; plus the way she opens her mouth really wide as if to give kisses back
    – Watching her completely light up when her daddy gets home from work
    – The way she opens her little mouth for a spoon full of food
    – Oh, and iced coffee also brings me a lot of joy ;)

    Keep up those positive thoughts and we hope to see you and Bean soon!


  3. What a guy!

    Keep your head up, Mel. You and Drew are such good parents! (I’m obviously not speaking from experience here, but…) there will be hard times, and when they pass and the good times roll around, that’ll be all you remember. The joy! So you’re so right to focus on it now to get you through.

    Hope you’re feeling better! And Bean, too. Love that she has discovered her feet :)


    • It is really amazing to watch a human being discover everything about life. I mean, *everything* is interesting. Can you imagine thinking that your feet are the most intriguing thing ever?! If I can remain in awe of this wonder, I think it will do me well!


  4. I love this post – one of many signs that helped me make a very difficult decision. Since I don’t have a car, I need to get that tattooed somewhere :) What brings me joy? Good, kind, smart, adventurous friends like you!


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