Ice Cream Update

Thanks to Viva Tysons! Magazine for a summary of the ice cream situation pending in Vienna. Here’s what’s coming to the neighborhood, though it seems opening dates are still to be determined:

Molly’s Yogurt opening at 521 Maple Avenue West at Nutley

Red Mango opening at 431 Maple just a block away

Plush Gelato and Coffee opening at Park and Maple

Pass me a spoon, please.


15 thoughts on “Ice Cream Update

  1. it is so unfair that all these yummy ice cream offerings are arriving just as we are moving away! Let’s make lots of ice cream dates for this fall!


    • Thanks so much for this information. Do you have an address for Molly’s? Is it on the corner of Nutley and Maple? I stopped by weeks ago to peek in, but nothing was there – thought the business was going out, rather than coming in. Glad I may be wrong!


      • The address is 521 Maple Ave W in the Village Green shopping center on the corner of Maple and Nutley. Take another peek; we plan to open Friday August 6!


  2. Check out my friend Tricia’s new business: Sweet Bite Creamery!
    She specializes in making uniquely flavored ice cream cookie sandwiches.
    Recent flavors have included:
    Minted Lemon Blackberry Macarons
    Tangy sweet plum ice cream w/vanilla cake
    Honey Ginger cookies w/cantaloupe ice cream
    Fig cookie bar made w/local figs and a cream cheese pastry pie crust
    Brown Sugar cookies w/buttermilk vanilla ice cream
    Chocolate raspberry
    Spicy Sweet Corn Shortbread

    On Saturdays through October, she will be at the Oakton market from 10am-2pm
    Unity of Fairfax Church
    2854 Hunter Mill Rd.

    Hope everyone has a chance to sample some of her delicious creations!


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  4. I was downtown recently and stopped into this AMAZING frozen yogurt place – FroZenYo – where you fill your own cup with one of a dozen interesting flavors. There’s a big topping bar, too. The price is by weight, so you can have some freedom in creating a delicious, no-fat treat! There are actually three locations, but I went to the one on F Street near Metro Center.


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  9. Just went yesterday to the new Sweet City Desserts between Maple Avenue and Church Street, next to Pure Pasty Co. What a cool space – a nice place to sit and eat gelato, as well as muffins, mousse shooters and other sweets. Check them out!


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