Whine: Goes Great with Crackers

I am really good at whining. It’s a skill, really. It takes a keen observer to notice the smallest things that are “wrong” and pick them apart methodically. On a more positive note, I can also recommend how to fix something that is “wrong”.

Take today at Baby Gap: I needed to return or exchange a few gifts that had been given to my 0-3 month old while she was still 0-3 months old, which were unwanted/unneeded/the wrong size. Being that I had a 0-3 month old, I couldn’t get to the store in the 30 day return window the store requires. I could not return anything today, although I had schlepped myself to the store – still an accomplishment although baby is almost 4 months old. Did anyone with a 0-3 month old write this silly rule at Baby Gap? If so, they’d know that new moms need at least three months to have going to Baby Gap be the priority of the hour. Sigh.

But let’s not despair. Really. Let’s have some fun. Like associating ourselves with wine that’s served by the glass!

Last week I went to Church Street Cellars. There I met with my fellow co-chair for Social Events for Moms of the Vienna Moms group (more on Vienna Moms another time). This wine bar is one of the few places in town that you can sit outside and enjoy food and beverage. Inside, you can order wines by the glass using a convenient purchase card that you load up with money and then spend down as you drink the wine down. The menu has also grown sizeably since the place first opened a few years ago.

There is also Out of Site Wines which is, well, out of sight off of Church Street! Across from the caboose on the W & OD Trail, from what I’ve seen it’s more wine store than wine bar. (Am I wrong? The Web site doesn’t offer much, and I haven’t been there in a while). However, I believe they are available for specialty events and tastings. Indeed, I’m going to see about hosting a Vienna Moms event there later this year. The staff is really friendly and knowledgeable. I felt good buying a bottle of wine here and supporting the local business.

I’ve also been meaning to check out Paradise Springs Winery in nearby Clifton, VA. A fellow new mom went to the Winery’s weekly Friday Happy Hour (5 – 9 pm) with the kiddie. I wonder: Could I nurse the Bean while nursing a wine?

4 thoughts on “Whine: Goes Great with Crackers

  1. Let me know when you want to go! The Sangria is very good… and I did nurse the baby while nursing the wine : ) It also has live music which is pretty good, plenty of room to throw a blanket, a few lawn chairs and bring dinner. Nice views and a peaceful, family environment.


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