Seeking Balance Part 2

I headed over to East Meets West today again (this time with my neighbors!) to check out “Mom and Me” yoga. I expected it to be part play, part workout. I’m glad I had the right expectations for the hour-long session.

The Bean did great in the first half – smiling, cooing. And she was loud! I had THAT baby in the class – the one that makes all the noise. I tried not to get all worked up about her as a distraction. Hadn’t the teacher said that motherhood is about managing distractions? That’s true, but, um, I’d like to stretch a little, please.

Well, there was no soothing her so I quickly realized that my yoga practice was effectively over for the day, and began the ritual walking her around. Before the final relaxing pose for the last five minutes of class, the teacher offered to hold Bean so I could lay like a lump on the floor, reflecting on my practice that wasn’t. Gladly handing her off to so willing a watcher, I did manage to get in five minutes of peace while Bean fell asleep in the teacher’s arms.

Fast-forward: Bean is still napping, and I’ve had a peaceful lunch! So I didn’t stretch too much, but I did gain a little me time this morning. Lesson learned: yoga during the start of nap time = little yoga time.


2 thoughts on “Seeking Balance Part 2

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