Independence for All!

As the nation prepares to celebrate yet another anniversary of sticking it to the Brits, I can’t help but take stock in my own independence. As a mom I find I’m really not so independent any more. Well, I’m certainly almost never alone, with my constant cute sidekick. But do moms need to be alone to be independent?

I suppose on the Fourth of July even moms can claim their independence, even if they do so with their families or in a throng watching fireworks. If that’s what you’re looking for, here are some things to do around town this coming weekend. Thanks to fellow-mom Amanda for the suggestion! Keep the suggestions coming, folks.

The Town of Vienna July 4th celebration. This is the big-ticket item in town. A day of events at the Community Center, including an antiques car show, arts and crafts, music (including a Jimmy Buffet tribute band) and a children’s stage. Culminates with fireworks at 9:15pm at Southside Park on Ross Drive. There seems to be no Town Green concert this weekend. Bummer! Nice weather for it, too (read: not 100 degrees). There are also celebrations in Fairfax city and Great Falls. But consider staying local to support our little town! Got any other fun holiday weekend activities around town? Post ’em here!

And Happy Birthday, Mom!

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