Dancin’ with my Baby

I like to boogie down with my baby. I want Bean to appreciate all types of music.

We play lots of classical to her, especially when she’s nursing. We often have public radio WETA 90.9 on as the background music to our shenanigans. And I recently picked up a 10 disc classical music CD at a yard sale in town for $5! The classics are so under-appreciated. I grew up playing piano and clarinet, so I want the little baby to like the good stuff. Recently we waltzed around her bedroom to the Blue Danube Waltz and the Waltz of the Sugarplum Fairies. Waltzes are hard! Very fast! I was pooped afterwards!

The Vienna Community Center and various Fairfax County Rec Centers have music classes that I think we’ll bring Bean to when she’s a tad older.

But I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’ve been known to play the occasional Lady Gaga song to her. I just downloaded the knew Michael Franti song, Sound of Sunshine, too – happy, pop, summertime music. I’m making what I call “Bean’s PLAYlist” on the iPod. Rock on!


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