Getting Pampered – and I Don’t Mean Diapers!

Time for some pampering! No, not the kind with leakage protection. I mean a massage! A pedicure! A manicure! Nothing makes a weary mom feel energized like a little nail polish and body lotion.

I usually go to Cherry’s Nail Salon next to Magruder’s for the mani/pedi. The New Yorker in me knows that it’s most comparable in cost to the competitively-priced service around Long Island. I think it’s a pretty standard service at Cherry’s.

But this weekend I went for the second time to Diamond Spa on Church Street for a pedicure with my mother-in-law (thanks again, Roz!). It’s a little more relaxing – there’s a nice foot and leg rub involved, finishing with a mini hot stone massage! The only downer, which may seem like a bonus for those with more time, it is that it takes a long to get a pedicure. The first time was almost two hours, this time an hour and 15 minutes. Sign you’re a time-strapped mom: you get irked at a long pedicure. What kind of monster have I become?

Next week I head to Bellini Salon and MedSpa. I went once for a massage and loved it. I went once for a pedicure and wasn’t too impressed. I am returning again for a massage.

Ooohh. Ahhhh.

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