Celebrating Parenthood

I like to throw parties. I’ll look for any excuse to get people together.

After having my daughter, I wanted to do something to honor the journey that I had made from pregnant lady to a mama. It’s so easy to forget what an accomplishment it is, as one is thrust into the round-the-clock caretaking that is parenthood. I also knew plenty of other new parents who were going through the same adjustment.

So I decided to host a New Parent Party for about 15 families we had met in the last few months in our community. I booked the picnic shelter at Glyndon Park (just $25!). We had a potluck lunch, and the sight of about a dozen car seats and strollers was a fun distraction from the sweltering heat.

The babies were really well behaved. I got to meet some babies of friends who I hadn’t seen since we’d all become parents. We all seemed happy to be out in the fresh air, as proud new families.

3 thoughts on “Celebrating Parenthood

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