Getting Out from Under the Weather

You know you’re a new mom when sitting in a dentist’s chair is the most relaxing part of your day.

Seriously, I was relaxed! My head was supported, my feet were up. If it wasn’t for having two people standing over me with metal implements, I’d of thought I was on vacation.

Since having the little Bean, my medical visits have slowed down. No more pregnancy check ups all the time. Yahoo! But now it’s time to take care of a few odds and ends ailments, and other upkeep. I’m also at her pediatrician quite a bit. Here is where I’m headed around town when it comes to treating medical maladies.

That dentist with the comfy chair? A new practice for me – Dr. Joong Seo Kim on Pleasant Street. I had a 5:30pm appointment for a routine cleaning. I braced myself to wait – surely the end of the day had backed up the schedule. Nice surprise: I was seated by 5:35 and done by 6:00. My pearly whites looked just that afterwards!

For my primary care, I see Dr. Micha Joffee. He’s super thorough. It’s nice to have been going to him for some time, as he remembers the details of my medical life.

Bean goes to Capital Area Pediatrics (AKA Vienna Peds), on Maple right near the Wolf Trap Inn. We love Dr. Jennifer Lee. She answers all our questions in as much time as we need, and talks directly to Bean like she’s an actual person. We had explored Advanced Pediatrics, where some of Bean’s contemporaries go. Our deciding point was that Capital Area Peds was a touch closer to our house.

I’m also headed to a new dermatologist in a few days: Dermatology & Dermatologic Surgery Group of Northern Virginia. They’re on Church Street.

After all of these medical appointments, rushing around with an infant trying to be on time, I am really looking forward to a weekend of nowhere to be on time. People say infants are so portable at this age, but I find it tough to plan out when Bean will need to eat and where I’ll be when it happens. I still have to get the hang of that.

Peace out!


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